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 Download Cracked SFT Dongle 3.1.4 for Free

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SFT Dongle 3.1.4 With Crack SFT Dongle v3.1.4. This version is also considered latest version for their first dongle was called “Secure X Dongle” which this version is the latest support until they now use a new dongle called “SmartCard Dongle”. The SmartCard dongle was released in “1-3-2018” where they launched new module v1.0.11. They no longer make any support for the Secure X Dongle so today we’re releasing the latest version for their Secure X Dongle. With this version I found there are more supported CPUs than SmartCard 2018 dongle. So far I see with this version there’s a Spreadtrum supported cpu and alot more which is not supported on SmartCard dongle.

This dongle is a multi-platform dongle that can do a wide variety of operations such as FRP Removal, Read pattern, flash and alot more. Go ahead and give it a try or visit official site for more details!

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