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Download Phoenix Crack-Software up the Nokia firmware Free Yogesh Joshi 17th November 2018 Crack Softwares, Flashing Tools No Comments


Before opening phoenix, we have to down rom the machine, extract the folder, RM- XXX, Copy Folder RM-XXX to the path C> Program> Phoenix> Nokia> Products, if you do not have folder products themselves. Create a new folder with the name “Products”
Install: “Nokia PC suite”, download link phoenix and nokia pc suite, I will be at the bottom of the article.

– Tutorial: After download, installation is complete, open up
+ Select file -> open product

+ Enter the RM of the machine you want to run, eg RM-530

+ Select Flash -> Firmware Update

+ Tick to Dead phone USB flashing
Click … Phoenix will automatically display the product and rom in the path: C> Program>

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